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Desperate Denisa Takes A Hard Pounding in Her Cunt

Denisa is one hot chick and she knows it. She begins by teasing us with a slow strip until she is wearing only black fishnet stockings and strappy heels. She finds a black dildo and begins to play with herself, but there is no doubt that what she really wants is a real man.

Luckily, her creampie guy shows up and her wish is fulfilled. She works his cock until it becomes hard and erect. This is what she wanted she seems to say with her expressive eyes. She puts the dildo down and takes his rock hard cock into her hungry mouth. Denisa knows how to suck a cock and she takes him in deeper and deeper with each passing of her wet lips. His member throbs inside her mouth and she begins to realize that she cannot take it all. Still, she tries, even though his rod gags her and nearly brings tears to her eyes. She moves around to his front and bends over, giving the camera a perfect view of her tight little ass and wet pussy. Like the trooper she is, Denisa goes back to sucking this massive cock until he puts her down on the sofa.

Denisa is on her side as he enters her from behind, drilling her tight snatch with his cock, now slick with her saliva. He pumps her hard and fast as she squirms and wriggles with each deep thrust and gets a cream pie. When he pinches her perfect nipples, Denisa has to hold back a cry of pleasure.

Her man unloads his cum inside her pussy and fills her to overflowing. Blast after blast of hot cum shoots into her pink, wet cunt until he finally pulls out of her. Denisa opens her legs and squeezes her cunt muscles until his white semen begins to leak out of her and roll down her thighs.

Lesbian Training First Time Lesbian Experience

Lesbian Training : When Kat turned up at Jeanie’s beauty salon, all she wanted was her nails painted. When she realized she’d forgotten her purse, she soon found out that nail polish wasn’t the only liquid Jeanie had in copious quantities.

Jeanie was extremely angry when Kat told her she couldn’t pay her, but when Kat said she’d find some way to pay her back, Jeanie’s mood changed completely. Jeanie wanted paying, and she would get the type of payment she preferred – payment in pussy.

Taking Kat by the hand, Jeanie led her to the back room, and explained to her that she couldn’t let her leave without payment. When she told Kat of her “preferred” method of payment, here at Lesbian Training, it was obvious that Kat had been waiting for this. Bending Jeanie over, she soon had her skirt off, and she began rubbing her thong against her wet pussy. When she was sure she had Jeanie wet enough, she pulled that tiny little thong aside, and, spreading her ass cheeks wide, stares at the cutest little asshole and pussy she’s ever seen. The beautiful smell from that wet pussy is all that Kat needs to tell Jeanie to sit on the edge of the sofa, so she can lick her juices off her tight little pussy.

Jeanie by now, of course, just wants to cum, so she does as she’s told, removing her little pink thong, and sitting there with her legs spread as wide as they’ll go. Kat wastes no time, and starts licking Jeanie’s clit as hard as she can manage, while Jeanie just lies back and watches this gorgeous slut with her tongue buried in her pussy.

Even after Jeanie reaches a massive orgasm, leaving Kat’s face covered in her pussy-cream, she tells Kat her debt is not quite paid. Taking out a purple dildo, and spreading her pink pussy lips, she tells Kat to fuck her. As a hot little lesbian, Kat happily obliges, and after sucking that rubber cock clean, leaves as another happy training customer.