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Kelly Kline Loves to Ride Cock as Hard as She Can

I got to meet Kelly once. It wasn’t anything like the situation in this movie. I was at a convention and I had some friends that had filmed her in some handjob movies in the past. Kelly is a very sweet girl. My friends and I were walking through the hallway of the Venecian. About 15 feet ahead of me I spotted this tiny little babe and noticed her ass first and foremost. After I took a closer look I tapped my buddy and was like, hey that’s… he cut me off “KELLY KLINE!” She turned around and smiled when she saw him. She ran over and gave him a huge hug, and then jokingly asked if he had anymore work for her. He told her that he could always use her. She looked at me next and asked who I was. We were introduced. I told her I am a fan, which I’m sure creeps her out, and it was nice to meet her. The 3 of us had some more small talk and then said our goodbyes and left. That’s how I got to meet Kelly.