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Brunette Whore Gets A Dripping Anal Creampie

Meet Jessi. Now here is a girl who knows what she likes. No sooner is she inside your apartment than she’s stripping off her top and bra and showing her big beautiful nipples. I first met her at the restaurant where I work. I’m a cook and she’s a waitress. All the guys told me that she was pretty easy but this was ridiculous. We were in my car on our way home from work and she actually asked me if she could stay over. Her excuse was that her heating system wasn’t working. By the time we got to my apartment my cock was so hard just in anticipation of everything I knew she would do for me.

When we got inside we really didn’t waste any time. Jessi opened my belt and jeans and dropped my pants to the floor. Then she got down on her knees and started sucking my cock, gently at first and then with more and more passion. I started to get close to coming and grabbed her by the head and rammed my cock deep into her throat. Jessi just kept moaning and taking everything I gave her. When I finally came in her mouth she just swallowed the whole lot and licked my cock clean.

I was pretty satisfied and it came as a total shock to me when she said “I want you to come in my ass.” Well naturally I felt it my manly duty to oblige and turned her around and bent her over the arm of my sofa. My cock was already nice and wet from Jessi’s mouth and it slid right into her ass. She moaned with pleasure as I started pumping, slowly at first and then faster and faster. Before I knew it I was in ecstasy again as my cum was dripping out of Jessi’s red little ass hole.


Insatiable Alena Rides Throbbing Cock

Alena is one of the dirtiest little chicks in the office. She always has been and I gotta say, I love her for it. She’s slept with at least ten of the partners and she even goes for the interns every summer when they fill the office. I’ve enjoyed her myself a few times, and there’s not a lot I haven’t done with her, but even I was surprised when Alena sat her sexy little ass on my desk at work yesterday and started sucking hard on a big black dildo.

Needless to say I had to take her out of the office immediately. I made an excuse about needing to meet a client and took her with me. We rented a hotel room at a seedy motel near our office, Alena sucking on the dildo and making moaning noises the whole way there, and even in the hotel lobby. It didn’t bother the hotel receptionists in the least, they were used to it at this seedy place.

I threw off my clothes, put on a Captain Beefheart cd, and told Alena to do a striptease for me. I sat on the bed while she rubbed her tight little ass all over my throbbing cock. After about a minute it became more than I could bare and I pulled her right down onto my cock and started fucking her hard from behind. I just lay back and enjoyed the view of her ass bouncing on my lap and cock.

Looking at that sweet little ass gave me an idea though and I had to get up and bend Alena over the bed and enter her in the rear. Her ass was so tight and I swear it must have been the first time she ever had an ass fuck. I just rammed her in and out until I filled her up with my cum. That was a nice day at the office.


Romana Gets A Good Ass Fucking

Romana always was the wildest girl in our building. When we were younger, I shared an apartment with three other guys, and Romana and her three roommates lived right across the hall from us. I always knew that Romana was a slut, and even tried picking her up a few times but for some reason she was always really rude. It pissed me off but you know what they say, plenty more fish in the sea.

Well all that changed a few nights ago when I came home from an evening out a little early. The hall seemed pretty quiet and I figured no one was around, and then I heard some moaning coming from Romana’s apartment. It sounded like someone might be hurt so I went to knock on the door and to my surprise it was already open. I walked in and saw Romana lying on the big yellow couch they have, masturbating and looking at me like she wanted me to join in.

Well I’ve always been the type of guy that doesn’t need to be asked twice by a woman if you know what I mean, so I stripped in a second and flung my hard cock into Romana’s mouth while she continued fingering her wet pussy.

After a minute she moaned “I want you in me.” I started ramming her pussy but it didn’t seem to be doing anything for her. I lay down on the coach and entered her pussy from behind but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. I asked her if she was ok and she said, ” I want you in my ass.” Well I nearly came right there and then when she said that.

Happy to oblige I flipped Romana around and started ramming her little asshole as hard as I could. She just kept screaming “harder, harder, faster.” I gave Romana everything I had and when I finally exploded inside of her ass, there was so much cum that it came spilling out of her ass. Finally, she seemed satisfied, and let me tell you, so was I.


Hot Milf Gets Ass Filled With Cock And Cum

As often as we could, my friend Mike and I would spy on his mom and her”dates”. We both knew his mom fucked strangers to help her make the rent but we both called her tricks “dates” because Mike preferred it. I remember we used to sit at the top of the stairs and peep down at her pleasuring these men, and to this day, I’ve never loved another woman the way I loved Mike’s mom. I also suspect that she knew we were watching, but she never said anything.

She was younger back then, but I recently found out that Mike’s mom has aged very well indeed. I dropped by his house the other day to pick up Mike for a football game we were supposed to watch and his mom answered the door. She was wearing a very sexy white outfit with long necklaces draped around her neck. “Come on in,” she said to me suggestively, Mike won’t be back for another hour or two.

As soon as she had me sitting on her couch I knew I was going to make love to Mike’s mom. She just stared right at me as she started stripping, and said, “all those years you two were watching me, I used to imagine it was your cock in my mouth.” She sucked my cock hard as I played with her pussy. Then she said, “wanna cum in my ass sweetheart?”

Before I knew it she was bending over the couch, wiggling her ass before me. I didn’t think, I just took the plunge and was in her ass before I knew what we were doing. My cock just slid right in and it felt so tight and hot. I started thrusting in and out of her ass as she moaned for me to go harder. I can clearly remember filling up her little ass with cum as I heard Mike’s car pulling up the driveway. I just about got dressed in time for Mike to honk his horn for me to come out. We were running late for that game.


Sexy Silvie Gets An Anal Creampie

Silvie’s ass is something else. I’ve had more wet dreams about that sweet little tush than I can remember. Ever since my friend John first started dating her, I’ve had a fantasy about fucking her in the ass. Imagine my surprise when my fantasy came true on birthday last week. As I pulled up to my driveway, I had the feeling something was going on, and fully expected a bunch of my friends to jump out from behind my furniture shouting “surprise!” as soon as I opened the door. However, a very different birthday present, in the form of Silvie’s sexy body, awaited me when I got inside.

“Happy Birthday” she said as she lay on my sofa, sucking a dildo and sliding it in and out of her pussy. She was wearing some very sexy little red and white shoes that matched her sexy red hair perfectly. She was also displaying her pussy and sexy tattoo and piercing that I had fantasized about so often.

She said, “John and I thought you’d enjoy a little piece of my ass as a special birthday treat.” I almost fell over in shock as I remembered telling John how much I admired his girlfriend’s ass. I never thought he’d be so generous.

“Come and get me big boy,” Silvie teased.

Silvie was every bit as good a fuck as I had always imagined. As I rammed my dick in and out of her pussy, I could have died in pleasure. But then she whispered in my ear, “it’s the ass that you’re getting, not the pussy.” She got down on her hands and knees and I bent over her, taking her doggy style. “Yes!” she screamed as I finally came, deep inside her asshole. I had to smile as I saw little of my cum sliding out of Silvie’s ass as I put on my clothes. That must have been the greatest birthday present ever.


First Time Anal For Hot Brunette

I’ve always had a thing for Hawaiian chicks so when I found out my mom’s friend’s daughter was coming over from Maui to spend the summer with us I was pretty excited. However, it was not until I saw Sandra at the airport that I truly realized what a sex jackpot I had hit.

The first weekend Sandra was here, I came down the stairs on Saturday evening to find her playing with her pussy on the couch. She was wearing this really sexy orange pink underwear and nice high heel shoes. She told me to strip and join her and within ten seconds I was on the coach with my big cock in her wet mouth.

Her mouth felt warm, wet and hot on my cock but it was her sexy little ass that kept drawing my attention. I wanted to feel my big dick slide right into her ass and enjoy the look on her face as she felt me sliding in and out of her. So after a few minutes I got up off of the couch, turned Sandra around and started trying to enter her ass.

It didn’t take me long to get inside her, and the lubrication she had generously supplied from her wet mouth really helped a lot. At first I don’t think Sandra knew quite what I was trying to do, but pretty quickly she felt me slide right into her ass and she knew exactly what I was up to. I spread her legs wide and just started thrusting in and out of her ass. Despite her surprise, I truly think that she started to enjoy the whole thing. I rammed in and out of her faster and faster until I came with an explosion inside her tight little ass. I knew then that I had just taken her ass virginity.


Slutwife Gets A Cumfilled Ass

Sometimes, you get the biggest surprises from the most unexpected of places. Like at my French tutor’s house. I’m learning French for a trip next year, and pay for private tuition in the evenings. Every Wednesday I have to drop whatever plans I would have liked to make, and head over to Tonya’s house for an hour of French grammar and verbs. The only up shot of the whole thing is that my French teacher, Tonya, is actually a real hottie. However, that was not enough to actually make me look forward to Wednesday afternoons until our most recent session, when I found Tonya waiting for me in a short black skirt and completely topless.

I knew she was married so I was a bit hesitant, but Tonya did her best to make me feel comfortable. She told me that she loved her husband a lot, but that she had a very intense need that she was too afraid to ask him to satisfy. She told me that ever since she was a teenager, she has had a fantasy about being filled in the ass with cum, but she’s always been too shy to ask her husband to do it. I wasn’t too sure about the whole thing but when Tonya said she’d suck my cock until I changed my mind, it really didn’t take long.

After a few minutes of head, I was rock hard and ready to cum. Tonya leaned over the couch, giving me a great view of her sexy pink ass hole, and all I could do was just thrust my penis right inside. Before I knew it I was moaning with pleasure, and Tonya was screaming my name, and all sorts of French words that I didn’t understand. When I finally came I had to sit on the floor and recover, while Tonya shook her ass and let the sperm slide back out of her asshole.


Sexy Marie Gets Her Ass Gaped

I’ve always had a fascination with anal sex but I’ve never been lucky enough to find a girlfriend who would let me try out my desires and have my way with her ass. Therefore, one night when I was feeling particularly horny, I just decided to go out, get myself a goodtime girl, and fuck her hard in the ass. It felt really good to finally make the decision and I knew that fifty dollars or so treating someone well would be all it would take to live out my long held fantasy.

So I cruised down the less well known district of my town and bought some drinks and picked up a really slutty blonde called Marie. I brought her straight to a nearby motel. When I told Marie what I had in mind she just smiled and said let’s get started. She had very little on so it really didn’t take much effort to expose all of her sweet little sexy assets.

I got down on top of her and fucked her pussy for a few minutes to get warmed up. However, I kept thinking about her ass and running my hands down there. I also noticed that her cunt was very loose. I guess that’s something that comes along with being a hooker.

So I whispered in her ear, “I want you from behind now. She turned around and said, just don’t go too hard, ok baby.” Well I swear that I had every intention of taking it slow and easy and that is how I started off. However, before very long I was getting carried away and ramming my cock into her tight wet ass, harder and faster than I had ever intended. By the time I was finished, Marie was panting and gasping. She just lay down on the coach on her front to catch her breath. And I just enjoyed the great view of her red ass hole.


Slutty Sarka Fills Her Ass With Cock And Cum

Ever since college, Sarka has always been the naughtiest little fuck buddy you could ever want. Not only have I fucked her in every position and place I could think of, but she’s also fucked most of my friends, and has even had a few incidents with some of my naughtier girl friends when they’ve been really drunk. I just love to get her to do all the new dirty things that I can think of, and she’s such a slut that she’ll pretty much do it every time.

This time I told Sarka that I wanted her to finger her own ass. She just looked at me and slid her finger right into her mouth. Once she had gotten it nice and wet she slid it deep into her ass hole. She just started sliding the finger in and out of her ass. After a minute or two though, Sarka said that she needed something more and took a big dildo out of her bag. First she put it in her mouth and started sucking on it, then she slid it right inside of her asshole and rammed it in and out of her ass hole, again and again.

However, just watching Sarka playing by herself with her ass was just too much for me, and I had to get a little piece of the action for myself. So I took my cock out of my pants and slid it right inside of Sarka’s ass. Just fucking Sarka’s ass was a lot more fun then watching her slide her finger and the dildo into it, and it felt so good to be inside that cute little ass.

Afterwards I slid a lot of oil all over her ass and gave Sarka a nice ass massage and licked her ass all over. It was delicious.  


Fuck-Friend Chelsie Sucks And Rides Huge Cock

Chelsie is such a slut. It’s great being her “friend”. When I first told her that she was in danger of offending me because she hadn’t been friendly enough, she just dropped her panties right around her ankles and spread her legs. Now I make sure that she’s my best friend, and gives me attention when I feel lonely, and she makes sure that her pussy, ass and mouth are always open to take my hard cock.

These are some pictures we took of one of our many fucking sessions after I met her on her way home from the gym. Chelsie is a fitness freak and she always seems to be wearing very short skirts and very tiny pink panies. I just ripped her shirt off and started rubbing my big cock between her tits. She has pretty small tits but they taste great when I have her nipples in my mouth and she tells me to bite them.

Pretty quickly, I had her on my lap, her legs spread wide and her wet pussy engulfing my dick. Chelsie fucks like a bunny and I just like to let her bounce up and down and up and down.

I also like to flip Chelsie around and fuck her from behind. I also like to run my hands through Chelsie’s long blonde hair. If there’s one thing that annoys me about Chelsie though, it’s that she never shuts up. All she does is talk about the boys at the gym on the football team and how many of them she’s fucked. At the end of the day, I don’t care if she’s a slut and I don’t care how many guys in the football team she’s fucked. As long as I keep getting my cock in her mouth, in her pussy, between her tits and inside her ass, I’m perfectly happy. By the time we’re finished I’m a happy man and Chelsie is full of my cum. Just the way I like it.