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Anal Virgin Ariana Takes A Thick Cock In Her Ass

As a waitress at a popular downtown restaurant, Ariana got plenty of attention. Every night some random customer would ask for her number. The lame pick up lines got very old, and even though Ariana hadn’t been fucked in a long time, she never accepted any offers until the night that Tom came in.

Tom took one look at his gorgeous redheaded waitress and asked her point blank if she had ever had her asshole licked. Surprised, Ariana found herself honestly answering that she had not. Tom took her hand and led Ariana out of the restaurant and to his car; he drove her back to his hotel without a word and, once inside the room, he told her simply to get on her hands and knees on the bed. She followed his instructions and Tom got behind her, reaching up under Ariana’s skirt to her green thong panties; he pulled them down and spread her ass cheeks with his hands. He stuck the tip of his tongue in Ariana’s asshole and she squealed, feeling her pussy cream drip down her thighs.

Once he had Ariana primed, he stood up and prompted her to take his cock in her mouth, which she did, eagerly. She sucked him, spitting on his rod to easily take the whole thing into her mouth. He only let her suck him for a few minutes before he had her back on the bed on her hands and knees.

Ariana took Tom’s huge dick in her ass like a professional even though she was an anal virgin. As he opened her ass for his thick cock, she moaned and spread herself wider. He pounded Ariana until he exploded into her ass, pushing his load deep into her butt hole. As he pulled out of her gaping ass, he saw Ariana’s cream pie and immediately took her again.