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Sexy Nurse Carla Makes Her Patient’s Dream Come True

While Mike was in the hospital after his car accident, he really hit it off with his nurse, Carla. Carla was a petite blonde who was fresh out of nursing school. The way Carla wore her scrubs low and bent down so Mike could see her thong made Mike’s dick hard even through the pain medication. So when Carla gave Mike her number when he left the hospital, he knew he was in for a little fun.

Carla invited Mike to come over to her house to play doctor. Mike hurried over to find every fantasy he had imagined coming true right in her living room. Carla pulled her blue tank top up over her tiny, perky tits, showing Mike the pink nipples he had imagined in the hospital. Then she unbuttoned her denim skirt and pulled it down too, revealing her mesh thong panties. Mike wasted no time in helping Carla out of her panties and dragging her to the couch.

On her hands and knees, Carla let Mike shove his cock into her mouth. Carla was more than a medical professional, and Mike could tell this by the way Carla let him fuck her throat. She took every inch of his rod in her mouth and let him control the rhythm of the blowjob. She sucked and licked him until he just had to fuck her sweet little pussy.

Sitting on the couch, Mike pulled Carla on top of him. He used his strong hands to open her legs and then let her sit on his cock. He felt his cock start to throb already, but distracted himself from the feeling of her tight little twat by watching her titties bounce up and down as she rode him. When Mike couldn’t hold on any longer, he sprayed his cum into Carla’s hole, filling her until his jizz dribbled back out onto the couch.