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Laura Shows Off Her Big Bouncing Boobs

Laura’s husband wanted to do something special for Laura for her 30th birthday. Laura had always complained about her small breasts, so, when her husband suggested she get implants as a birthday gift, she immediately agreed. Of course, the payoff for Laura’s husband would come when Laura was able to finally show off her big beauties.

Laura kept him at bay for a while saying she was still too sore for him to play with her new titties. But then one night, she surprised him with a strip tease. Laura began by taking off her long skirt, showing her long, lean legs and her sexy little panties. But then Laura began to take off her top, sliding one strap down at a time until both of her new melons were exposed. Her nipples were hard and ready to be licked and sucked.

She rubbed her body and her enormous boobs down her husband’s face and body until she reached his crotch. She took his rock hard cock from its denim prison and took him into her mouth, using both her lips and her hands to make him harder than he had ever been.

Then Laura let her husband take her. She sat on his lap, feeling his hardness fill her tight snatch. She sighed and came all over his cock – he felt so good inside her since she had not been fucked in a long time. Then she bounced up and down on him, and as he watched her new tits bounce with her, he shoved his cock deeper into her hole.

Finally, he pulled out of Laura’s little snatch and fucked her asshole. She called out for him to fuck her harder and he did until he came in her ass, stroking himself so he could squirt further into her ass.