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Lesbian Training : When Kat turned up at Jeanie’s beauty salon, all she wanted was her nails painted. When she realized she’d forgotten her purse, she soon found out that nail polish wasn’t the only liquid Jeanie had in copious quantities.

Jeanie was extremely angry when Kat told her she couldn’t pay her, but when Kat said she’d find some way to pay her back, Jeanie’s mood changed completely. Jeanie wanted paying, and she would get the type of payment she preferred – payment in pussy.

Taking Kat by the hand, Jeanie led her to the back room, and explained to her that she couldn’t let her leave without payment. When she told Kat of her “preferred” method of payment, here at Lesbian Training, it was obvious that Kat had been waiting for this. Bending Jeanie over, she soon had her skirt off, and she began rubbing her thong against her wet pussy. When she was sure she had Jeanie wet enough, she pulled that tiny little thong aside, and, spreading her ass cheeks wide, stares at the cutest little asshole and pussy she’s ever seen. The beautiful smell from that wet pussy is all that Kat needs to tell Jeanie to sit on the edge of the sofa, so she can lick her juices off her tight little pussy.

Jeanie by now, of course, just wants to cum, so she does as she’s told, removing her little pink thong, and sitting there with her legs spread as wide as they’ll go. Kat wastes no time, and starts licking Jeanie’s clit as hard as she can manage, while Jeanie just lies back and watches this gorgeous slut with her tongue buried in her pussy.

Even after Jeanie reaches a massive orgasm, leaving Kat’s face covered in her pussy-cream, she tells Kat her debt is not quite paid. Taking out a purple dildo, and spreading her pink pussy lips, she tells Kat to fuck her. As a hot little lesbian, Kat happily obliges, and after sucking that rubber cock clean, leaves as another happy training customer.

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After a few months living together as flatmates, Sammie and Cassie discover they have something in common; they both love pussy and not just their own! So, what did these two horny girls do about it? At Lesbian Training. First they decided to get their perk little titties out, squeezing and fondling them, and rubbing their hard little nipples.

When they saw the effect this had on each other, their hands moved down to their little panties, sliding inside to rub their wet pussies. Watching each other go to work on those titties and pussy obviously got those little teen lesbians turned on, because it wasn’t long before they were laying head to foot, watching each other rubbing their clits, and fingering their hot, wet pussies.

The sight of Sammie’s long fingers disappearing into her tight teen pussy got Cassie so worked up, that she had to reach for her favourite toy. Lifting her legs high in the air, she shoves the pink dildo right into her tight asshole, and she’s soon squirming with delight as Sammie starts fingering her wet teen pussy for her.

This only encouraged Sammie.

Putting Cassie on her hands and knees, she lay behind her, spreading her long legs wide, showing off her glistening wet pussy. Taking out a bright pink double-ended rubber cock, her tight wet pussy swallows one end, and she pushes the other end deep inside of Cassie’s wet pussy lips. They were soon bucking and moaning with pleasure, skewered on each end and fucking each other senseless.