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Hot Stripper Loves to Take it Up the Ass

Being a stripper has its advantages. Tarra knows just what to do to please a man, and she uses her talents as often as she can. Tarra’s favorite prey is the married man, and she sees a lot of them come into her club.

Tarra danced for Clay one night, and noticed the ring on his left hand. As she rubbed her pussy up and down his cock through his pants, she asked him where his wife was. He said she was a frigid woman who never fucked him anymore. Tarra offered to help him work out some frustration – for a price, of course.

Clay took Tarra to a cheap motel and watched her strip again. She pulled the hem of her tiny black skirt over her ass, exposing the pussy that had to remain hidden in the dance club. Just looking at her wet folds made Clay want to bury his cock in her, but she made him wait. Instead, Tarra ordered Clay to get naked and present his dick for her inspection.

The cock inspection turned out to be more of a cock tasting. Tarra took Clay’s rod in her mouth and intermittently sucked and licked him, using the tip of her tongue to tease the head of his dick before taking the whole thing into her throat.

Clay begged to fuck her tiny pussy, but Tarra said no, and instead straddled him to position her ass over the head of his dick. Tarra forced Clay into her tight asshole, and he groaned, already feeling his orgasm pounding in his balls. He let Tarra ride him, driving him deeper into her ass than he thought possible. In only a few minutes, Clay was ejaculating into Tarra’s little butt hole. He happily watched as she showed off her gaping orifice and the load he had shot into her cream pie.