Horny Little Hana Takes it Deep In the Ass

Hana is a hot body chick who loves cock. But what she really likes is cock deep inside her tight asshole. She begins the clip by showing what she is made of as she strips off silky lingerie, revealing full, natural breasts and a shapely body. Her pretty face only makes her more desirable.

Her man warms her up by getting her tight asshole prepped properly. He uses a metal dildo on her to slowly stretch her opening. A little spit for lubrication and a deep anal finger fuck and Hana is almost ready for the real anal cream pie.

When her guy feels that he has her ass stretched enough to accept his big cock, he rolls Hana onto her side and enters her ass. His thick, hard cock slides easily into her anal opening and he drives himself all the way in, burying his member to the hilt inside this gorgeous woman’s ass.

As he is fucking her forbidden hole, he squeezes and pinches her full breasts and nipples until she squeals with pleasure. Hana rocks herself back onto his shaft, driving it further into her hole. Hana and her man rub her clit as he continues to pound her ass.

Hana throws her leg up, allowing him to penetrate her to the max. His entire cock slides into her opening, drilling her completely. Hana gasps with delight as he pounds her into submission and orgasm.

He shoots his semen deep inside her ass and then withdraws. He holds her puckering asshole wide open as she begins to drip and then gush his semen out her freshly fucked hole. Hana knows that there was too much of him inside of her to hold in. She releases it and lets it run down between her butt cheeks, covering her as it does.

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