First Time Anal For Hot Brunette

I’ve always had a thing for Hawaiian chicks so when I found out my mom’s friend’s daughter was coming over from Maui to spend the summer with us I was pretty excited. However, it was not until I saw Sandra at the airport that I truly realized what a sex jackpot I had hit.

The first weekend Sandra was here, I came down the stairs on Saturday evening to find her playing with her pussy on the couch. She was wearing this really sexy orange pink underwear and nice high heel shoes. She told me to strip and join her and within ten seconds I was on the coach with my big cock in her wet mouth.

Her mouth felt warm, wet and hot on my cock but it was her sexy little ass that kept drawing my attention. I wanted to feel my big dick slide right into her ass and enjoy the look on her face as she felt me sliding in and out of her. So after a few minutes I got up off of the couch, turned Sandra around and started trying to enter her ass.

It didn’t take me long to get inside her, and the lubrication she had generously supplied from her wet mouth really helped a lot. At first I don’t think Sandra knew quite what I was trying to do, but pretty quickly she felt me slide right into her ass and she knew exactly what I was up to. I spread her legs wide and just started thrusting in and out of her ass. Despite her surprise, I truly think that she started to enjoy the whole thing. I rammed in and out of her faster and faster until I came with an explosion inside her tight little ass. I knew then that I had just taken her ass virginity.


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