Hot Blonde Harmony Gets Her Ass Filled

Harmony is not just a musical term. Harmony is also a very bad girl who loves getting her little ass pounded hard by her next door neighbor. Harmony loves to tease him, strutting her stuff around the backyard in a tiny little bikini. She goes outside when he’s in his yard and she bends over, rubbing lotion all over her smooth skin and showing off her perfect, round ass. It’s no wonder that her neighbor wanted to enter through Harmony’s back door!

Harmony offered her neighbor a glass of lemonade. As soon as he came inside, however, it was clear that Harmony wanted him to cum inside her. She sat down on the couch and spread her legs apart. Then she reached into her bikini bottoms and began to tease her clit with her fingers. Her neighbor immediately got the message and approached to take off her bottoms. As he did, he saw her bald clam emerge, wet with juices already. Harmony took off her top, showing her neighbor the perfect little nipples perched on her big, full tits. He bent down and sucked her clit, getting her a little wetter before entry.

Once he had Harmony on her back, there was no stopping him. He stuck his cock into her snatch just to get it wet, then pulled out and plunged into her ass. Her warm tightness surrounded him as he pushed further and further into her hole. She loved every minute of it, begging him to fuck her ass harder. He obliged, pounding into her and hearing his balls slap her ass cheeks. When he couldn’t wait any longer, he climaxed jizzing deep in her ass. She loved having his throbbing rod buried in her ass hole. As he pulled out, his eyes were treated with a sweet little cream pie for his trouble.


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