Kate Gets An Assload Of Hot Cum

Kate has a very special talent. She can’t cook, she doesn’t like to clean, and she isn’t a great conversationalist. But what she can do is suck cock. Kate loves to suck cock. And after she sucks a big dick, she wants to get her ass fucked by that same cock.

Kate took off all of her clothes and stood naked before her boyfriend. His dick got hard just looking at her big, luscious boobs and her tight stomach and long legs. Kate got down on her knees and opened her mouth, waiting for her boyfriend to stick his hard dick between her waiting lips. He eagerly shoved himself into her mouth and began to fuck her throat, going deep into her mouth and feeling her lips and tongue lapping at his manhood. He placed his hand on the back of her head, pushing her further down his shaft, making her take it all in.

When he was ready to blow, he stopped fucking her mouth and rolled her onto her back. He opened Kate’s legs and dove his already wet cock into her little asshole. She gasped and then laid back and took his fucking her in the butt. She began to move with the rhythm of his cock, and let him ride her as hard as she could bear.

He watched his rock hard dick penetrating her tight orifice. In and out, in and out, his dick slid into her ass and each time she gasped he got closer to orgasm. Finally, staring at her pussy and watching his cock fuck her tiny butt caught up with him and he exploded into her ass hole, leaving her with a cream pie to remember. He filled her with his hot load of spunk, and watched as it leaked back out, her stretched ass hole beckoning him again.


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