Alexa, Again!

Alexa, Again!Alexa, Again!
Alexa, Again! @
Well guys, I’m back. Let’s see…if I’m not mistaken, last time a jacked off a guy who was hung like a horse. He was my patient on the massage table, and I was the LMT. Today I decided to change things up a bit. Instead of my LMT outfit, I put on something hot and sexy. Then, I played with my sopping wet snatch before jerking off another donkey dick. Where do the Manojob guys find all these enormous dicks for the girls to jerk off? I mean really! It’s amazing! What’s even more amazing is the load this dude popped off. Giant! All over the place! And in my EAR! That’s right…I got an EARFUL of LOAD. HAHA. Hot, huh? I know you’re gonna love it! XOXO – Alexa
Alexa, Again!Alexa, Again!

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