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You guys won’t even believe the shit I do for this site today. Oh, I’m Alyssa Jordan, by the way, and I’m 19, and I’m brand new to this whole porno thing. I love sex, and I love crazy sex even more, and today it gets about as crazy as it can. I go to an adult bookstore and jerk off a total stranger who comes into my booth and watches a dirty movie with me. He just bolts in and sits down next to me and the next thing you know I’m jacking off a stranger. If that wasn’t bad enough, I get on my knees and pull a load out of him you won’t believe until you see. It was like the 4th of July in there. An explosion of jizz! You guessed it…it exploded all over me! All over my pretty face, my hair, my hands and arms, my shoulder…shit, I think I even got some on my braces! Ewww!!! HAHA. I still had fun! XOXO — Alyssa
Alyssa JordanAlyssa Jordan

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