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I’m Barbie Cummings, and I’m a filthy handjob whore. Don’t believe me? Look what I do for my return to The first time I was here I jacked off a dude with Cherry Poppens, and this time I fly solo, right into a dirty, gross adult bookstore, and I jack off a total stranger in one of those movie booths. Is that filthy enough for you? I wasn’t raised this way, trust me. But somewhere along the line I turned into a super slut. I jacked a guy off at a porno shop. It doesn’t get any sluttier than that. I thought for sure I’d get caught. I didn’t. And the stranger blew one of the biggest loads I’ve ever seen. My tits were so messy after this scene you won’t believe your eyes. Don’t believe me? Just look at my creamy juggs at the end of this scene. Bye!
Barbie CummingsBarbie Cummings

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