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Today’s update is another Filth Fest…so filthy Miss Star declined to write about her Mano Adventure…so I’ll do it now. You see, in Southern California lays a place so dirty, so filthy, it’s become a legend. It’s an adult bookstore that shall go unnamed, and in this store are private booths you rent by the minute, the half hour, and the hour. Today we paid $12 — the half hour rate — and brought Miss Star in for her Manojob. She knew what she was getting herself into, but, once fantasy turned to reality, Miss Star realized she might have bitten off more than she could chew. I mean it’s not everyday a girl jerks a total stranger until The Stranger unloads his ball sac into her pretty face…but that’s what goes down today, so pull your pants down and get ready to enjoy the show.
Bobbi StarBobbi Star

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