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Hello! I am Evilyn Lin. I am the new girl on the block! I got kicked out of my home country because I wasn’t free to express myself. Here in the US, I can do anything I want. I can say anything I want. What I do with my mouth is up to me. What I do with my hands is up to me!! And I like having a nice handful and a nice mouthful and unfortunately, back in my hometown, there aren’t too many fellows who fit the bill!! Hee hee. I’m kidding. Anyways, I love big cock, and I love medium cocks, and I love to jack them, then…oh, what the heck! I just love cock! Today I jack one all over my teenie lollipop, then, because I come from a place where you can’t waste anything, I eat up all the jizz! Pure protein…yum! Wen! Wen! Evilyn (and God Bless America) .
Evilyn LinEvilyn Lin

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