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Frankie VargasFrankie Vargas
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Hi guys, I’m Frankie and I just love younger men. I love being able to mold young guys into my sex slaves… breaking them in so to speak. And when I got the opportunity to show off all the experience I have stroking a big dick, I had to jump at the chance. Now I have given a lot of handjobs in my day, at the bar, in the bathroom, in the car etc etc BUT this is the first time I’ve done this in front of a camera. I wasn’t nervous at all, especially when I saw the young stud I would be jerking. He’s just the type of guy I would drag into the bathroom of a bar and break-in. And wait until you see what he does to my face, it’s unbelievable. His load went everywhere. It was so powerful it even flew over my head and landed 3 feet behind me. Something only a younger man could do!!
Frankie VargasFrankie Vargas

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