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Gwen DiamondGwen Diamond
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My name is Gwen Diamond and like my shirt says, I LOVE DICK. That’s why I’m a porn star. That’s why I’m a slut. That’s why I’m a whore. That’s why I’m at Today I get paid to jerk a huge dick until my pretty face is turned into a slimy mess. But they wouldn’t have had to pay me, honestly. I do slutty things for free…which makes me a slut. (When I get paid, I’m a whore.) I’m such a slut today that jerking a dick isn’t enough for me. I jerk it after I get off from my vibrators (one in my pussy and one on my clit) and then I leave one in my dripping wet twat WHILE I jerk the guy off. What till you see what he gave me! He destroyed my face with his thick white load!! MWAH! Gwen
Gwen DiamondGwen Diamond

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