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Jaylynn SinzJaylynn Sinz
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My name is Jaylynn and I’m from Nevada and I’ve been hired by the folks at to beat off a well hung black man. What a big black dick! I mean huge. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing hotter than a good, old-fashioned handjob, for a number orf reasons: it’s what we’ve been doing since our earliest sexually active years; it takes WORK to pull cum out of a man’s balls; it’s also super safe sex! Come on guys! You know you love your massages with "happy endings"! HAHA. Wow do I make my new friend happy today…so much so I had to jump into the shower and clean off all the happiness off my face!! ; – ) XOXO – Jaylynn
Jaylynn SinzJaylynn Sinz

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