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Hello Everyone! My name is Kaci Starr. I am today’s update for As you know, this is a handjob site, and that’s exactly what I do today. I stroke a big, fat dick, till it erupts directly into my mouth. Stroking cock is a great thing, and I do it well. The guy I stroked was a little weird though, and he loved it when I stroked his dick, and he really loved it when I talked like I was having phone sex with him. In fact, he stroked himself cause he loved my dirty talk so much. I was about to grab his cock and finish him, but he got *so* excited he blasted off himself. The cameraman even got pissed!! I was supposed to finish him!! Oh well!! It was a huge wad, too!! And it went right into my mouth with such force I choked on it a bit, then gagged, then ran to the wastebasket cause I thought I was gonna hurl. LOL. Oh well. It was fun. You’re gonna love watching me take this hugh-mungo load!!
Kaci StarrKaci Starr

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