Natasha. Nicer!

Natasha. Nicer!Natasha. Nicer!
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Heya Boys! I’m Natasha, and I’m back! Remember the first time I visited the Manojob studios? I jerked a HUGE black dick and using only my hands (and my dirty talk) I made it explode all over my cute face. Well, this time, I do the same. Kinda…I get nude (again). I show off my huge natural tits (again). Then I show off my huge clit! (Again!) Remember how big that clit is? The size of a number 2 pencil eraser!! And when I rub it, I lose my mind. After that, I make a boy lose his mind with my hands. My hands on his dick! Remember?! And this time I make the wad blow all over my huge titties! Enjoy!!!
Natasha. Nicer!Natasha. Nicer!

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