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I dunno what to say, except I guess my name – which is Riley shy – and what I am – which is a porno star – and what I do today – which is jerk off a big ol’ dick for I usually don’t get booked for handjob scenes, in fact, this is the first time I’ve ever just walked on set, met the talent, and jerked him. Usually I fuck and suck, too…so today is kinda a "first" for me, so to speak. And I think it’s kinda hot! Jerking a guy to pop is really hot. I use my beautiful hands – and nothing more – and through a whole lot of rubbing and tugging I make my boy blow his load – right into my other hand! Then I do a little cum play – boy was this a thick, nasty load – before signing off. So check me out, OK? Bye!!
Riley ShyRiley Shy

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