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Heya guys! My name is Riley, and I’m a mid-western girl through and through. I’m kinda new to this whole adult modeling game, and so far it’s been great! The one thing I really haven’t done yet is give a handjob, so when the ManoJob guys called my agent, I was so excited! I love working a man’s load out of his balls the old-fashioned way…with my hands. With lots of work. With dirty talk! Today I was totally super lucky, cause I got to jerk a guy who’s dick is like as big as a horse cock. I mean it’s huge. So I jerk and I jerk and I jerk, and I say things my parents wouldn’t be very proud of, and then, all of a sudden, out of no where, I got caught in a jizz storm! WOW! This guy shot one of the biggest loads I’ve ever seen in my life. It went all over me: my legs, my face, my hair, my titties were covered too!! It shot out like a garden hose, with your thumb over it for lotsa pressure!!! All I need now is a shower! Oh wait…I just got one. A Cum Shower! HEE HEE! XOXO — Riley 🙂
Riley WinterRiley Winter

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