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Serena Taylor IISerena Taylor II
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I’m baccckkkkk! I did this site a long time ago! I was one of the first models ever to jerk a dick for I had a blast then, and I have a blast now. Speaking of blasts, you should see the facial blast I get today. I totally wasn’t expecting it. It’s one of those blasts where you’re jerking away, and out of nowhere the jizz erupts, and your head jerks back cause you didn’t think the cum was gonna fly that far…you know what I’m talking about, right girls? Anway, I do some dirty talkin’, and I jack, and I get whacked in the face with a whole bunch of splooge. All I’m hoping for now is the fellahs who run ManoJob ask me back for thirds! 🙂
Serena Taylor IISerena Taylor II

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