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Hi guys. My name is Tabetha and I am what you call "barely-legal". I am a student, and I am studying pre-law at a big school on the east coast. I need money, and I need it bad, so I called up a guy in the newspaper what was looking for figure models. So when I showed up to the place he told me he wanted me to take dirty pictures. I needed money bad, so I agreed. Then he had an idea on how to make more money for myself. I would play with him. But that’s not all. I had to tell dirty stories. I have a lot of those. I’m not the innocent girl everyone thinks I am. I have even played with guys dicks at a bar when I didn’t know who they were. I’m serious. I talk dirty here while the guy keeps his mouth shut, but I dunno how he kept it shut while he squirted all over me! Hee hee…I’m naughty.

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