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Tricia ReyTricia Rey
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Well Boys, I’m Tricia Rey, and this week I jerk 2 guys off for What a cool scene. It starts with me and my vibrator. I work my tight pink hole and then a guy walks up with a huge schlong and I go to town on him. I also use my vibrator on his balls, which was a good thing, cause he came in about 2 minutes. Right in my hands. After I play with his spunk, I go back at it with my vibrating egg. I shove it right up my snatch and get off…and then another huge schlong is in my face, so I jack that one off, too. It was HUGE! And he busted a nut all over me. It was so sweet. I know you’re gonna like it…so what are you waiting for? CHECK ME OUT NOW! 🙂 XOXOX – Trish
Tricia ReyTricia Rey

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