Veronica, Again!

Veronica, Again!Veronica, Again!
Veronica, Again! @
What else is there to say? Veronica Jett, in the house, one more time! You saw me here a few weeks ago jerk a dude, and today I do the same! Dude…I LOVE to jerk. It’s so simple, yet so erotic. Today I pull a dong that’s the size of a freight train. It’s a donkey dick. A horse cock. Uncut. I make it explode all over my perky tits. What a load, too. So turn out the lights, pull down your pants, and make sure your girlfriend (or wife) is asleep…or away. Cause we’re about to spend about 15 minutes of quality time together. I love that fact that you’re gonna watch me get a guy off using just my hands. I’ll work that load out, and I’ll do it to you, too. XOXO – Veronica Jett ; – )
Veronica, Again!Veronica, Again!

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