Cory’s Holiday Anal Cumshot

Frank wondered to himself what kind of a woman would wear a lace bustier to an office holiday party. He knew Cory a little as she worked for the same company as he did, but since she was in another department, he had never really talked to her. Cory approached him a while later and asked him if he could join her in the conference room. Frank followed her, unsuspecting; but as she closed the door and sat down on the couch spread eagle, he began to wonder just what Cory wanted to discuss.

Cory’s pants were off in a split second and Frank found himself with an eye full of Cory’s lace bustier and her lace thong panties. She opened her legs for him, rubbing her clit through her thong. She asked if Frank would like to see her pussy, and Frank nodded as Cory pulled her thong to the side. Her pussy was already glistening, and Frank knew he had to have her.

Cory came over to Frank, removing his pants and taking out his rock hard dick. Her lips curled around his cock, and she stroked him, guiding him into her mouth. As she sucked him, he humped her mouth a little, enjoying this wild holiday present.

She ordered him to the couch and she straddled him, opening herself to his manhood. Just as he was about to put himself in her pussy, she moved him back and sat down on his dick, her asshole taking him in. He groaned, pushing into her tight hole. The more Cory bounced, the closer Frank came to losing it. Cory came as Frank blew his top, unloading into her ass while watching her finger her twat. She showed him the gaping hole and the load he had spilled drizzling out of her.


Anal Virgin Ariana Takes A Thick Cock In Her Ass

As a waitress at a popular downtown restaurant, Ariana got plenty of attention. Every night some random customer would ask for her number. The lame pick up lines got very old, and even though Ariana hadn’t been fucked in a long time, she never accepted any offers until the night that Tom came in.

Tom took one look at his gorgeous redheaded waitress and asked her point blank if she had ever had her asshole licked. Surprised, Ariana found herself honestly answering that she had not. Tom took her hand and led Ariana out of the restaurant and to his car; he drove her back to his hotel without a word and, once inside the room, he told her simply to get on her hands and knees on the bed. She followed his instructions and Tom got behind her, reaching up under Ariana’s skirt to her green thong panties; he pulled them down and spread her ass cheeks with his hands. He stuck the tip of his tongue in Ariana’s asshole and she squealed, feeling her pussy cream drip down her thighs.

Once he had Ariana primed, he stood up and prompted her to take his cock in her mouth, which she did, eagerly. She sucked him, spitting on his rod to easily take the whole thing into her mouth. He only let her suck him for a few minutes before he had her back on the bed on her hands and knees.

Ariana took Tom’s huge dick in her ass like a professional even though she was an anal virgin. As he opened her ass for his thick cock, she moaned and spread herself wider. He pounded Ariana until he exploded into her ass, pushing his load deep into her butt hole. As he pulled out of her gaping ass, he saw Ariana’s cream pie and immediately took her again.


Sexy Slut Lorena Puts Her Pussy To Work

Michael had been thinking about Lorena’s dripping creamy pie all afternoon. His secretary Lorena had come into his office after lunch to take dictation, and had taken more dick than actual dictation.

Lorena was new, and Michael could never keep his eyes off her. She wore completely ridiculous outfits to work – things like mini denim skirts and cleavage flashing tank tops. When she came into Michael’s office and sat down on the couch in his office, he snuck a look at her thong panties and finally gave in to his desire for her. He suggested that she would do a much better job of dictation is she removed her thong. Lorena obliged, pulling her skirt over hips and letting Michael watch as she slid her panties off.

Then he mentioned that seeing her tits would also help him concentrate, so she pulled her top down over her large breasts. Michael then sat on the couch naked and said that she would have to suck his cock for him to really get into the mood to dictate. She took all 8 inches of him into her mouth and hungrily gobbled him into her throat.

Sliding in and out of her lips was enough to make Michael ask if he could start dictating with Lorena sitting on his lap. She agreed, spreading her legs and positioning her pussy over his hard dick. He shoved himself ball deep into her twat; Lorena rode him like a champ, her big boobs bouncing. She rubbed her clit and made herself cum on his cock. Feeling her juice flowing over his shaft and onto his balls was all Michael needed to send him over the edge. He grabbed Lorena’s hips and forced her down onto him, ejaculating into her pussy. He pulled his still throbbing dick out to watch his own cum stream back out of Lorena’s pussy.


Hot Slut Melissa Gets A Backdoor Surprise

Melissa is Jeremy’s college English teacher. As a graduate student, Melissa taught a freshman writing class. She knew that a lot of her students thought she was hot, but she was never attracted to any of them until the day Jeremy walked into her classroom. From the minute Melissa saw him, she knew she would be holding him after class.

Once the last student had left the room, Melissa closed and locked the door. Jeremy sat on a desk and looked at her, unable to believe what was about to happen. But he began to believe it when Melissa began unbuttoning her shirt, opening it to reveal her naked breasts. Melissa unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor, then turned and bent over to show Jeremy the pink lace thong she was wearing. Melissa slowly pulled her thong down over her little ass letting Jeremy see the clit ring she had piercing her bald clam.

Melissa made Jeremy watch as she took his pants off and took his hard cock out of his pants. She put him in her mouth and sucked him, licking the head of his cock first and then working her way down his shaft. Finally she put his entire dick into her mouth and bobbed her head over him.

Melissa lay down and let Jeremy enter her, first dipping his stick into her wet pussy and then, once he had a little taste of twat, opening her asshole for him with her fingers and guiding his cock into her orifice. He fucked his teacher’s ass, pumping and pounding until his balls became tight and he released his load into her tight little ass. His cock throbbed, pushing the hot stickiness deep into her. He pulled out and looked at the gaping hole he had created with his huge manhood.


Kate Gets An Assload Of Hot Cum

Kate has a very special talent. She can’t cook, she doesn’t like to clean, and she isn’t a great conversationalist. But what she can do is suck cock. Kate loves to suck cock. And after she sucks a big dick, she wants to get her ass fucked by that same cock.

Kate took off all of her clothes and stood naked before her boyfriend. His dick got hard just looking at her big, luscious boobs and her tight stomach and long legs. Kate got down on her knees and opened her mouth, waiting for her boyfriend to stick his hard dick between her waiting lips. He eagerly shoved himself into her mouth and began to fuck her throat, going deep into her mouth and feeling her lips and tongue lapping at his manhood. He placed his hand on the back of her head, pushing her further down his shaft, making her take it all in.

When he was ready to blow, he stopped fucking her mouth and rolled her onto her back. He opened Kate’s legs and dove his already wet cock into her little asshole. She gasped and then laid back and took his fucking her in the butt. She began to move with the rhythm of his cock, and let him ride her as hard as she could bear.

He watched his rock hard dick penetrating her tight orifice. In and out, in and out, his dick slid into her ass and each time she gasped he got closer to orgasm. Finally, staring at her pussy and watching his cock fuck her tiny butt caught up with him and he exploded into her ass hole, leaving her with a cream pie to remember. He filled her with his hot load of spunk, and watched as it leaked back out, her stretched ass hole beckoning him again.


Hot Blonde Harmony Gets Her Ass Filled

Harmony is not just a musical term. Harmony is also a very bad girl who loves getting her little ass pounded hard by her next door neighbor. Harmony loves to tease him, strutting her stuff around the backyard in a tiny little bikini. She goes outside when he’s in his yard and she bends over, rubbing lotion all over her smooth skin and showing off her perfect, round ass. It’s no wonder that her neighbor wanted to enter through Harmony’s back door!

Harmony offered her neighbor a glass of lemonade. As soon as he came inside, however, it was clear that Harmony wanted him to cum inside her. She sat down on the couch and spread her legs apart. Then she reached into her bikini bottoms and began to tease her clit with her fingers. Her neighbor immediately got the message and approached to take off her bottoms. As he did, he saw her bald clam emerge, wet with juices already. Harmony took off her top, showing her neighbor the perfect little nipples perched on her big, full tits. He bent down and sucked her clit, getting her a little wetter before entry.

Once he had Harmony on her back, there was no stopping him. He stuck his cock into her snatch just to get it wet, then pulled out and plunged into her ass. Her warm tightness surrounded him as he pushed further and further into her hole. She loved every minute of it, begging him to fuck her ass harder. He obliged, pounding into her and hearing his balls slap her ass cheeks. When he couldn’t wait any longer, he climaxed jizzing deep in her ass. She loved having his throbbing rod buried in her ass hole. As he pulled out, his eyes were treated with a sweet little cream pie for his trouble.


Stacey Gets Her Tight Ass Stretched Wide

Getting most bitches to take a load in the ass is not the easiest task. But Stacey loves it! Stacey’s asshole is always happy to be penetrated and violated in the most erotic of ways. Stacey will take dildos and vibrators to herself at home, but her favorite thing is when her ass is filled with a hot stud’s sticky load.

Stacey’s thin, perfect figure just begs to be undressed in a short little skirt and thin, flimsy top. Once she removed her top, she slowly slid one bra strap and then the other down, revealing gorgeous titties with perfect nipples. Stacey spread her legs open, revealing that she had forgotten to put on panties this morning. Her little clit exposed, she reached down and massaged it, getting herself ready for the dick she was about to receive.

Once she was completely naked, Stacey lay down and opened her legs, once again showing off her pink folds and her tight asshole. Her man spread her wider and, grabbing his hard cock with one hand, he entered her pussy as she shuddered in ecstasy. He pounded her hard, sliding in and out of her snatch faster and faster. As Stacey got wetter, he found it easier to slide in and out. Once his cock was sufficiently wet, he pulled out, preparing to penetrate Stacey’s favorite hole.

He dove into her ass, not waiting for permission. Stacey screamed in pleasure, orgasming almost immediately. He fucked her tight ass harder and harder until she had to hold on to keep from falling off the couch. He kept it up, pounding her poor little asshole and stretching it to the limit. Finally, watching Stacey get her butt fucked was too much and he blew his load inside her pussy, letting every drop out into her deep cavern.


Brunette Whore Gets A Dripping Anal Creampie

Meet Jessi. Now here is a girl who knows what she likes. No sooner is she inside your apartment than she’s stripping off her top and bra and showing her big beautiful nipples. I first met her at the restaurant where I work. I’m a cook and she’s a waitress. All the guys told me that she was pretty easy but this was ridiculous. We were in my car on our way home from work and she actually asked me if she could stay over. Her excuse was that her heating system wasn’t working. By the time we got to my apartment my cock was so hard just in anticipation of everything I knew she would do for me.

When we got inside we really didn’t waste any time. Jessi opened my belt and jeans and dropped my pants to the floor. Then she got down on her knees and started sucking my cock, gently at first and then with more and more passion. I started to get close to coming and grabbed her by the head and rammed my cock deep into her throat. Jessi just kept moaning and taking everything I gave her. When I finally came in her mouth she just swallowed the whole lot and licked my cock clean.

I was pretty satisfied and it came as a total shock to me when she said “I want you to come in my ass.” Well naturally I felt it my manly duty to oblige and turned her around and bent her over the arm of my sofa. My cock was already nice and wet from Jessi’s mouth and it slid right into her ass. She moaned with pleasure as I started pumping, slowly at first and then faster and faster. Before I knew it I was in ecstasy again as my cum was dripping out of Jessi’s red little ass hole.


Insatiable Alena Rides Throbbing Cock

Alena is one of the dirtiest little chicks in the office. She always has been and I gotta say, I love her for it. She’s slept with at least ten of the partners and she even goes for the interns every summer when they fill the office. I’ve enjoyed her myself a few times, and there’s not a lot I haven’t done with her, but even I was surprised when Alena sat her sexy little ass on my desk at work yesterday and started sucking hard on a big black dildo.

Needless to say I had to take her out of the office immediately. I made an excuse about needing to meet a client and took her with me. We rented a hotel room at a seedy motel near our office, Alena sucking on the dildo and making moaning noises the whole way there, and even in the hotel lobby. It didn’t bother the hotel receptionists in the least, they were used to it at this seedy place.

I threw off my clothes, put on a Captain Beefheart cd, and told Alena to do a striptease for me. I sat on the bed while she rubbed her tight little ass all over my throbbing cock. After about a minute it became more than I could bare and I pulled her right down onto my cock and started fucking her hard from behind. I just lay back and enjoyed the view of her ass bouncing on my lap and cock.

Looking at that sweet little ass gave me an idea though and I had to get up and bend Alena over the bed and enter her in the rear. Her ass was so tight and I swear it must have been the first time she ever had an ass fuck. I just rammed her in and out until I filled her up with my cum. That was a nice day at the office.


Romana Gets A Good Ass Fucking

Romana always was the wildest girl in our building. When we were younger, I shared an apartment with three other guys, and Romana and her three roommates lived right across the hall from us. I always knew that Romana was a slut, and even tried picking her up a few times but for some reason she was always really rude. It pissed me off but you know what they say, plenty more fish in the sea.

Well all that changed a few nights ago when I came home from an evening out a little early. The hall seemed pretty quiet and I figured no one was around, and then I heard some moaning coming from Romana’s apartment. It sounded like someone might be hurt so I went to knock on the door and to my surprise it was already open. I walked in and saw Romana lying on the big yellow couch they have, masturbating and looking at me like she wanted me to join in.

Well I’ve always been the type of guy that doesn’t need to be asked twice by a woman if you know what I mean, so I stripped in a second and flung my hard cock into Romana’s mouth while she continued fingering her wet pussy.

After a minute she moaned “I want you in me.” I started ramming her pussy but it didn’t seem to be doing anything for her. I lay down on the coach and entered her pussy from behind but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. I asked her if she was ok and she said, ” I want you in my ass.” Well I nearly came right there and then when she said that.

Happy to oblige I flipped Romana around and started ramming her little asshole as hard as I could. She just kept screaming “harder, harder, faster.” I gave Romana everything I had and when I finally exploded inside of her ass, there was so much cum that it came spilling out of her ass. Finally, she seemed satisfied, and let me tell you, so was I.


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