Slutwife Gets A Cumfilled Ass

Sometimes, you get the biggest surprises from the most unexpected of places. Like at my French tutor’s house. I’m learning French for a trip next year, and pay for private tuition in the evenings. Every Wednesday I have to drop whatever plans I would have liked to make, and head over to Tonya’s house for an hour of French grammar and verbs. The only up shot of the whole thing is that my French teacher, Tonya, is actually a real hottie. However, that was not enough to actually make me look forward to Wednesday afternoons until our most recent session, when I found Tonya waiting for me in a short black skirt and completely topless.

I knew she was married so I was a bit hesitant, but Tonya did her best to make me feel comfortable. She told me that she loved her husband a lot, but that she had a very intense need that she was too afraid to ask him to satisfy. She told me that ever since she was a teenager, she has had a fantasy about being filled in the ass with cum, but she’s always been too shy to ask her husband to do it. I wasn’t too sure about the whole thing but when Tonya said she’d suck my cock until I changed my mind, it really didn’t take long.

After a few minutes of head, I was rock hard and ready to cum. Tonya leaned over the couch, giving me a great view of her sexy pink ass hole, and all I could do was just thrust my penis right inside. Before I knew it I was moaning with pleasure, and Tonya was screaming my name, and all sorts of French words that I didn’t understand. When I finally came I had to sit on the floor and recover, while Tonya shook her ass and let the sperm slide back out of her asshole.


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