Stacey Gets Her Tight Ass Stretched Wide

Getting most bitches to take a load in the ass is not the easiest task. But Stacey loves it! Stacey’s asshole is always happy to be penetrated and violated in the most erotic of ways. Stacey will take dildos and vibrators to herself at home, but her favorite thing is when her ass is filled with a hot stud’s sticky load.

Stacey’s thin, perfect figure just begs to be undressed in a short little skirt and thin, flimsy top. Once she removed her top, she slowly slid one bra strap and then the other down, revealing gorgeous titties with perfect nipples. Stacey spread her legs open, revealing that she had forgotten to put on panties this morning. Her little clit exposed, she reached down and massaged it, getting herself ready for the dick she was about to receive.

Once she was completely naked, Stacey lay down and opened her legs, once again showing off her pink folds and her tight asshole. Her man spread her wider and, grabbing his hard cock with one hand, he entered her pussy as she shuddered in ecstasy. He pounded her hard, sliding in and out of her snatch faster and faster. As Stacey got wetter, he found it easier to slide in and out. Once his cock was sufficiently wet, he pulled out, preparing to penetrate Stacey’s favorite hole.

He dove into her ass, not waiting for permission. Stacey screamed in pleasure, orgasming almost immediately. He fucked her tight ass harder and harder until she had to hold on to keep from falling off the couch. He kept it up, pounding her poor little asshole and stretching it to the limit. Finally, watching Stacey get her butt fucked was too much and he blew his load inside her pussy, letting every drop out into her deep cavern.


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