This Sexy Tease Gets Fucked Good and Hard

Dripping Creampies

You can tell right off that Dripping Creampies Olga loves to tease. This blonde has full breasts and tan flesh that are just egging to be fucked. She opens her top expose her nipples and begins to play with them, pinching them to hardness. She licks her fingers and eyes you as if daring you to come take her.

Her stud shows up and puts her on her knees. He uses his fingers to explore her pussy, shoving one, two, three fingers deep inside of her pink cunt. His constant friction on her soft, delicate flesh gets Olga primed and ready for a good, long fucking. Olga looks back at him, gasping for breath as he jams three whole fingers inside of her wet snatch. By the time he is finished with this finger-fuck session, Olga is dripping wet and ready for more.

She climbs atop his hard cock and straddles him, face front to the camera. With determination she begins to bounce on his massive cock, drilling herself down hard. Her shaved pussy is plunged time and time again down his shaft until it is completely buried inside of her. The head of his cock bumps into the back of her womb as she insists on more.

Olga gets onto her back on the sofa and takes his cock as he spreads her open and re-enters her with force. He slams his member into her wet slit over and over again until she screams with ecstasy and pleasure. By the time he is finished with her, her poor cunt has been worked over good and she knows it. She might be a tease, but she’s a tease with a well-fucked pussy and she lets us know it has been well-fucked when she opens up and shows the results of this massive invasion.

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