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Savannah SaavadraSavannah Saavadra
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Hey guys. My name is Savannah and I am the newest girl at I am not too sure what I should write, I mean how much is there to it? I like sex, and I like handies. So I jump on the chance on getting a guy off. I also like doing it in public. You know, the club, the bars, and I even hooked up in an airplane bathroom! That was hot. Anyway, we go out to the desert, on the side of the road, and just give this guy a handjob. With cars driving by and everything. I kinda wanted to get caught, but I think the guy was more scared about that than I was. Well, have fun, and if you see me at the club, maybe I will hook you up too.
XOXO – Savannah Saavedra
Savannah SaavadraSavannah Saavadra

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